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Breast Reduction

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Information about our Breast Reduction surgery
What is Breast Reduction surgery?
Breast reduction surgery, which is also known as reduction mammoplasty, is a procedure that reduces the size of overly large breasts. Overly large breasts can cause health issues as well as emotional problems. In addition to self-image issues, it can also cause physical pain and discomfort. 
The surgery itself removes excess breast fat, glandular tissue and skin to achieve a breast size the patient desires to be in proportion with their body. One of the principal aims of the procedure is to alleviate the discomfort associated with overly large breasts.

Why have Breast Reduction surgery?
Women choose this surgery both to make their breasts smaller and improve their shape. Some women have larger breasts than they would like. Overly large breasts can cause problems like back or neck pain, shoulder grooves in the shoulders from bra straps, and rashes underneath the breasts. Women can also sometimes be self-conscious about their large breasts and feel that they attract unwanted attention. Also, it can be difficult to wear some clothes or enjoy sports, particularly when it is hot.

If you are unhappy with the shape, weight or “droop” of your breasts, having them reduced can make them smaller and higher. It may be the case that one breast is larger than the other and this can also be evened out. Women may find that after breast reduction surgery they feel more comfortable socially and personally.

How is the procedure performed?
The operation first lifts the nipple into a new position, keeping it attached, and so alive, on a ‘stalk’ of tissue (pedicle). Extra skin and breast tissue is then cut away. The skin and tissue that is left is reshaped into a smaller, higher breast and the nipple is put back in place.

There are different types of reduction. The best type for you depends on the size of your breasts and how much of a reduction the patient desires. Different types of procedure can leave different types of scars on the breasts.  No matter which type of reduction the patient chooses, the scars should not be visible when wearing day to day clothing, bras or bikini tops.

Quick facts table

Procedure Breast Reduction surgery
Duration of the operation: Up to 4 hours
Stay: Minimum of 5 days in our recovery house
Anaesthesia: General anaesthetic
Recovery: Normally between 7 and 14 days to return to work
Exercise: Normally 3 to 4 weeks after your operation
Pain: Post-operative pain should be mild but of course depends on the patient
Results timeframe: You will see an immediate improvement.  The final result will be seen between 4 to 6 months post operation.  This length of time may vary according to weight, age as well as if the patient becomes pregnant.
Popular Combinations: Breast Lift, Liposuction + any of our supplementary dental, Botox or filler treatments

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