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Dental Crowns

What are dental crowns?
A dental crown is a cap that surrounds the tooth.  Crowns are typically used to restore a damaged tooth, but they can also use it to improve the appearance of a smile.
A crown can consist of three different materials, all-metal, ceramic-on-metal and all-ceramic. The location of the crown in the teeth will determine the best material to use.
For example, front teeth need to have an all-ceramic crown, if possible, since it looks the most natural. Patients may often use ceramic-on-metal crowns since they look natural but have the durability that only metal can provide.
Why come to Brazil for your dental crown procedure?
Once again, the level of dentistry in Brazil is amongst the very highest in the world.  Our dentists have been carrying out dental crown procedures for a minimum of 10+ years.  The results that can be achieved in Brazil are completely natural, safe and designed to provide a completely satisfactory end result for our patients.

How does the dental crown procedure work?
1 – Whitening - Prior to the procedure we will take you for teeth whitening.  It is important to have this procedure done first because the material that crowns and bridges are made out of are both stain and bleach resistant. This means that if your new tooth is created to match yellow teeth, it will remain yellow even if you have your teeth whitened at a later date. By undergoing a teeth whitening procedure first, your new crown or bridge will be made to match your new brilliantly white teeth.

2 – Impression of your teeth - Before we start our dentist will take an impression of your teeth so that the new crown or bridge can be created in our dental lab.
3 – Tooth preparation - When placing a dental crown around a tooth, our dentist will first prepare the tooth. We will need to remove a portion of the enamel so that there is room for the new crown to surround the tooth without pushing other teeth out of place. Once complete, we will clean the tooth and secure a cap around your tooth and complete it through dental bonding.

If you are undergoing a dental bridge procedure, then our dentist will place a crown on the two teeth that are surrounding the missing one. On top of the crown is a piece that looks like natural gums that will hold the new tooth in place. These two crowns serve as anchors for this synthetic "bridge" and makes a new tooth as durable as it can be. Patients depend on this procedure as a way to replace missing teeth in a way that looks natural and restores the functionality of the missing tooth.

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