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Dental Veneers

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What are dental veneers?
Veneers are thin porcelain shells customized for the patient's teeth. These prosthetics are attached to the front of a tooth and hide any flaws on it.
Veneers are most commonly used for - Discoloured teeth, Broken or chipped teeth, gaps between teeth, Poorly formed teeth, as well as any cosmetic issue on the front of a tooth that cannot be fixed by other surgical treatments.
Why come to Brazil for your dental veneer procedure?
Brazil leads the world in number of dental veneers procedures carried out per year.  As a result, the dentists and techniques used are superior to any other country.  The horror stories and truly shockingly bad results seen from people who have undergone this procedure in budget destinations such as Turkey are completely unimaginable in Brazil.  See Katie Prices’ disastrous dental veneers in the links below:-

Katie Price Dental Veneers – Daily Mirror

Katie Price Dental Veneers – Daily Mail

Our dentists, such as Dr Eduardo Tanjura, have been fitting dental veneers for 15+ years and use a technique that leaves teeth looking healthy, clean and above all completely natural.  Again, this is in complete contrast to the plastic smiles and ground down “stump teeth” techniques on offer in Turkey and other budget locations.

How does the procedure work?
1 – The first step is a thorough initial consultation upon your arrival in Brazil.  Our dentist will carry out a full and complete diagnostic exam of your teeth using photos, videos and 3D imagining .

2 -Our dentist will use all the information and results from this consultation to create the design of your perfect set of veneers to give you your equally perfect new smile.

3 – Within 48 hours of your initial consultation our dentist will have ready a protype design for your veneers.  Once you have tried these on the dentist will work with you to make any necessary adjustments before sending away the veneers for the final design.

4 – Within 5 days of this test consultation your final veneers will be ready for fitting.  Our dentist will work with you on the day to ensure absolutely everything is to your absolute satisfaction to leave you with a You Without Filters smile.


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Examples of dental veneer procedures carried out by You Without Filters dentists

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