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Dr Aline Fernandes Ferreira

Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery in Istanbul Okan University. With years of experience both in Turkey and abroad, patients are very pleased with his great communication skills and his remarkable surgery results.


About me

Dr. Aline Fernandes Ferreira

Doctor Aline graduated in Orthodontology from the State University of Ponta Grossa in 2009 and has since undergone post graduate studies in Facial Harmonization at the Harvard Medical School in 2018.

Doctor Aline prides herself on achieving natural facial harmonisation results and is meticulous in planning and looking to achieve outcomes for her patients that exceed their expectations.

Doctor Aline is recognised in Sao Paulo as a leading Orthodontist and Botox and Filler practitioner.  Doctor Aline is based out of OptDoc which is one of Sao Paulo’s most successful and recognised dentistry and facial harmonisation clinics.

OptDoc Clinic

Clinic Structure

Dr Aline is based at the OptDoc Clinic in Sao Paulo’s exclusive Vila Nova Conceição neighbourhood.  An ultra-modern, spacious, clean and professional location that meets the level of customer comfort required by You Without Filters core values.