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Dr. Eduardo Tanajura

Dr Tanajura qualified as a dentist from the University of Marilia in the year 2000. He specialises in reconstructive aesthetic dental surgery and is widely recognised at national level as an authority in that area.


About me

Dr. Eduardo Tanajura

We have made it clear on this site that plastic surgery is a national obsession in Brazil.  However, having the “perfect smile” is equally a national obsession!  As a result, the standard of dentistry in Brazil is amongst the highest in the world.  Our dentist partner Dr Eduardo is recognised nationally for his work using minimally invasive dental veneers.  He teaches courses throughout Brazil on applying veneers and his written several medical books and journal articles on the subject.  The techniques he uses and the results he achieves are at a completely different level in simply every way to those you will see from budget dental locations.

OptDoc Clinic

Clinic Structure

Dr Eduardo is based at the OptDoc Clinic in Sao Paulo’s exclusive Vila Nova Conceição neighbourhood.  An ultra-modern, spacious, clean and professional location that meets the level of customer comfort required by You Without Filters core values.