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What is a Fillers procedure?
Dermal fillers are composed of various materials (depending on the type of filler) designed to “fill” skin that is wrinkled or sagging. These gel-like fillers are directly injected into the skin’s soft tissue (typically the facial areas) and provide both hydration and structural support where it’s needed. In other words, dermal fillers make up for the skin’s lack of collagen and elastin, substances that keep the skin flexible yet firm and which are produced less and less as our bodies age.

Why come to Brazil for your Fillers procedure?
There are more Botox and Filler procedures carried out per capita in Brazil than in any other country in the world.  Our surgery professionals have been carrying out Botox procedures for a minimum of 10+ years.  The level of Botox results that can be achieved in Brazil can be completely natural, safe, and designed to provide a completely satisfactory end result for our patients.

How does the Fillers procedure work?
Most tissue in the human body contains hyaluronic acid especially the skin, the eyeballs, and the cartilages. As you get older, your body produces less hyaluronic acid. This is one of the reasons older patients suffer from OA (osteoarthritis) as they lose the sponginess provided by hyaluronic acid.

Skin also becomes dehydrated and thus by replacing the hyaluronic acid in skin and lips, the hydration and thickness of skin will improve. Hyaluronic acid also stimulates your natural collagen once it has been injected into the skin. When the wrinkles are filled up with fillers, this exerts pressure on the fibroblasts in the area, and collagen is stimulated which then gets incorporated into the wrinkle area and causes prolonged filling effects and wrinkle improvement.

In addition, when the hyaluronic acid starts breaking down, this produces an intermediate fragment of hyaluronic acid which stimulates collagen resulting in prolonged beneficial effects of the filler.

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