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Below you can see what your journey looks like to become a No Filter Queen. After your initial consultations and once we have confirmed your surgery and dates you just book your flight and we’ll do all the rest!

We recognise that deciding to undergo a plastic surgery procedure abroad is a big decision.  That is why it is so important to choose the right destination for you.  Our principal company values are your comfort and safety.  We will ensure you are treated like a Queen and offered the type of flawless experience that you deserve from start to finish.  We guarantee your entire stay will be comfortable, safe, professional and a completely different level from the experience offered at a budget destinations.  See below how your You Without Filters journey works from start to finish.

Our team are available to answer any of your questions, just click on WhatsApp or fill out the Quick Contact form at the bottom of this page and we will be delighted to help

One of our team will meet you at the airport

Then we will take you to our luxury recovery apartment in an executive vehicle.


Relax after your journey!

You can settle in at our apartment with a choice of meal, refreshments and most importantly a big king-sized bed with clean sheets, fluffy pillows, and blackout blinds for you to recover post journey.


Pre-surgery treatments

If you want to take advantage of our incredible pricing for Dental Treatments, Botox, Fillers, a Brazilian Tanning Session, Hair Waxing or simply a Relaxing Massage before your surgery then we can organise any of those things for you!


Pre-surgery appointment

We will pick you up and take you to meet your surgeon face to face for your pre-surgery meeting where you can run through any final questions you might have.


The day of your surgery

We will take you to your surgery at one of Brazil’s best hospitals and we will be there waiting for you once you are finished.  You will then spend the recommended amount of time in the hospital post-surgery.  After that we will take you back again to your big comfortable bed in our recovery house.


On-site recovery care

You will have all your meals prepared for you during your stay and on-site care via one of our trained recovery assistants.  We will provide all your post-surgery medicine and we can also pre-order all your recommended post-surgery pillows/clothing.


Once your stay is done we will drop you back at the airport

Once you have spent the recommended recovery time with us it is time to go home.  We will take you to the airport for your flight back where you will be the envy of all your friends as one of our No Filter Queens!